Tara River “TEAR OF EUROPE” is the longest Montenegrin river, 144 km long, created from Opasnice and Veruse and with Piva on Scepan polje is creating the Drina river. Its canyon is the second largest deepest canyon in the world, right after the Grand Canyon in the USA. The length of the canyon is 78 km which depth reaches 1,300 m.

On the part of the course through the Durmitor Tara National Park, it has the biggest drop, as a result of which there are many rapids and many waterfalls.

Throughout its course, Tara receives water from many tributaries and springs. The most famous and the most beautiful are Bailovica sige spring on the left bank of the Tara, where the water springs from the lake in the Bucarica cave and falls into Tara from a height of over 30 meters.

¸Only by rafting we can see and feel in the most beautiful and attractive all the beauty and charm of the canyon.

The special feature of rafting is the companionship of man and untouched nature.

According to the level of difficulty, Tara received a rating of 4, which makes it one of the top world rafting rivers.
Down the Tara we organize rafting on all three sections of the river in rubber boats, made for wild big waters.

  • The first part is: from “Splaviste” to “Zugic port”. The start is at 9 a.m. ahead of ours accommodation, with our transport 22 km to the starting point for rafting. The length of the water descent is 15 km and takes about 2 hours. The price is 55 e per person, which includes: Our transportation to the starting point and return by jeep from the canyon, fees for NP Durmitor, permits for river descent, set of neoprene equipment, skippers.
  • The second section is: from “Splaviste” to “Radovan luke”. This is the best part of Tara River with many tributaries, waterfalls. The start is at 9 a.m. in front of our accommodation, with our transport, 22 km to the starting point for rafting. The length of the water descent is 37 km and
    it lasts about 5 hours. The price is 110 e per person, which includes: Our transport, taxes for, Np Durmitor, river descent permits, set of neoprene equipment, skippers….
  • The third section is: from “Brstanovica” to “Scepan polje”. This is the most attractive part of the Tara River with the strongest and largest river beeches, with the most water. Rafting lasts 2 h 30 min and is about 15 km long, all the way to Sastavak, where the wild rivers Piva and Tara meet and form the river Drina. The start is at 8 a.m. in front of our accommodation with your transport. The car ride takes about 2 hours to Scepan polje, through the mountain Durmitor at an altitude of 1900 m, with a wonderful view of the high peaks of Durmitor, the canyons of the river Susica, the river Piva and the river Tara. The price is 55 e per person, which includes: fees for Np Durmitor, permits for river descent, a set of neoprene equipment, skippers….

We have all the necessary equipment of neoprene suits, helmets, vests for a safe descent down the Tara. Guided by professional, experienced rafters born on the water who know every rock, you will experience rafting as something you will never forget.

The most beautiful part of rafting is the local food under the sun, beer chilled in the water and the wild beauty of Tara.
In the town of Djurdjvica Tara, there is a large bridge whose construction began in 1938 and was completed in 1940. The bridge became a symbol of the river, a wonderful combination of the human hand and nature itself. It is 154 m long and the highest arch reaches a height of 135 m.

All this should be seen and felt with all your senses. Once Tara is felt, there will always be a desire to return, to live again and relive with Tara because it is never the same, never will be the same.

Kanjon Nevidio

Nevidio Canyon is the last conquered canyon in Europe. Mountaineers won it with great difficulty only in 1965. The river Komarnica cut it between the slopes of Durmitor and Vojnik.
The very name indicates a mysterious inaccessibility that is deeply hidden from the human eye. The canyon is 5 km long and is located 20 km from Žabljak. The height difference is 200 meters, and cliffs up to 400 meters high extend above it, in some places its width is half a meter to a maximum of 5 meters.

Passing through the canyon is a test for many adventurers eager for adventure. You need good condition, a strong desire and equipment you can’t do without. Most of the canyon is in eternal shadow, the sun’s rays cannot reach the bottom, vertical rocks, waterfalls, sparkling beech trees, narrow galleries of stone figures, many jumps into cold water from a few meters, a lot of swimming, diving, mountaineering are just a part of what can be seen and experienced in this gem of nature which is both heaven and hell.

Unseen, it attracts and instills awe, it is special, whoever passes it once will return again.

  • The departure is in front of the accommodation with our transport, about 20 km to the place Komarnica, the entrance to the canyon. The length of the canyon is 5 km and the descent takes about 4 hours. The price is 100 e per person, which includes: Breakfast, our transport, taxes for Np Durmitor, taxes for the canyon, a set of neoprene equipment.

Bridge and zip line